CSIRT Gentera is the corporate specialized incident response team, dedicated to develop preventive countermeasures, detect early threats and mitigate the impact of cyber risks.


Strengthen protection of digital information assets of Gentera companies, through timely detection and proactive response to cyber threats, which could materialize to risks into business objectives, sensitive information and Gentera employees, based on best practices and specialized personnel.


Being a reference in the financial sector at national and international levels in cyber incident response, providing specialized services and generating trust in the community.


Information Security Incident Management

  • - Information Security Incident Analysis
  • - Artifact and Forensic Evidence Analysis
  • - Mitigation and Recovery
  • - Information Security Incident Coordination
  • - Crisis Management Support

Vulnerability Management

  • - Vulnerability Discovery/Research
  • - Vulnerability Report Intake
  • - Vulnerability Analysis
  • - Vulnerability Coordination
  • - Vulnerability Disclosure
  • - Vulnerability Response

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Knowledge Transfer

  • - Awareness Building
  • - Training Education
  • - Exercises
  • - Technical and Policy Advisor

Information Security Event Management

  • - Monitoring and Detection
  • - Analyze Events

Situational Awareness

  • - Data Acquisition
  • - Analysis and Synthesis
  • - Communication

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