Code of Ethics and Conduct

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct is the tool that, inspired by our Philosophy, communicates our way of understanding ethical behavior, provides us with criteria and defines our conduct towards our stakeholders to do the best possible good. Compliance with it is mandatory for our board members, commissioners and employees, and it is everyone's responsibility to observe and enforce all the behaviors described therein.

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It includes issues concerning the value and respect of human rights, since we believe that every person is unique and unrepeatable and has a value in itself; We respect their dignity, their rights and obligations and we use the means that are within our reach to achieve their own fulfillment. We recognize the equality of all people; We believe in gender justice, we value the complementary role of women and men in society and we offer them equal opportunities, so that, with their talents and efforts, they develop in all their dimensions and strengthen their families.

We reject all discrimination, which consists of making any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference for reasons of ethnic or national origin, gender identity and / or expression, age, disabilities, social condition, health conditions, religion, opinions, sexual orientations, marital status, or any other that violates human dignity or has the purpose or effects of nullifying or undermining the rights and freedoms of people.

Likewise, it addresses the issues of anti-corruption, conflict of interest, information management, fraud, prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, use of assets, relationship with suppliers, customers and competition, among others, ensuring that all our employees present a upright behavior in their daily activities.

Through this important document, we ensure that we all receive dignified and respectful treatment and, in addition, we safeguard compliance with it, implementing means of complaint available to employees, clients, suppliers or any third party.

We ensure its dissemination, training our employees from their entry, annually and through permanent communication campaigns on the behaviors that are expected of us to be generators of the common good.