At Gentera, as we are part of the financial services sector and have a low environmental impact. We have a generic Environmental Policy that covers the aspects of energy, water, emissions, waste and biodiversity. Although we do not have an environmental indicators management system, we are permanently working in the surveillance of specific variables to know details about our consumptions, savings and opportunity areas to further reduce our impact.

In 2011, in an alliance with the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and through its Environment University Program, we carried out a diagnostic of our environmental performance that considered the efficient use of energy, water, waste generation and disposal, purchase policy, air quality in our offices and greenhouse gases reduction, with an approach on responsible consumption. The recommendations have been very useful for the implementation of better practices in the Group.

Our challenge is to continue improoving in consumption's measurement per company. This will allow us to identify and plan the actions each of our companies should develop to mitigate the environmental impact in its influence zone, in order to gather all these activities in the Environmental Action Plan.

The actions we are currently measuring and have been carried out are as follows:

- For the fifth consecutive year, we measured Gentera's Carbon Footprint caused by direct or indirect effect of our business activities - In compliance with environmental obligations set forth in the 'Ley Ambiental del Distrito Federal' (Environmental Act of the Federal District), we applied for the 'Licencia Ambiental Única del Distrito Federal' (Unique Environmental License of the Federal District)

- In alliance with our providers, we guarantee the correct destination of ink and toner cartridges for recycling

- We guarantee that the electronic devices that cannot be donated are properly destroyed

- We carry out awareness campaigns to separate waste properly in our headquarters and, through the resources obtained with the collection and trading of recyclable items, we support education programs of Fundación Gentera

- We install water saving lavatories and we have 3 bins to separate wastes in our new branches

- We follow-up with Reforestamos Mexico the maintenance of the 16 hectares adopted in the Nevado de Toluca area to guarantee the survival of trees planted during our reforestation activities

- We measure our consumptions and direct impacts such as energy, water, paper, flights and gasoline to generate a basis line and to set reduction goals in the short time

- We have an internal program to promote among employees a car pooling program to travel to the workplace in order to reduce the use of cars, pollution, traffic and to promote the interaction among our employees

- We do not use polystyrene in our events or inside our facilities