fundación gentera

True to our origin as a non-profit organization and committed to the generation of social, economic and human value we created Fundación Gentera, with the objective to work for financial inclusion supporting education as a welfare and development element in communities. The foundation was launched on November 4, 2014 for employees, and throughout 2015 we will promote it outside the Group.

We allot investments in communities which are aligned to the business strategy, jointly with strategic partners -NGO- to follow, monitor and report objectives of the educational projects to commence.

Thus, not only are we benefiting communities, but also our business and brands are fortified, we make a great impression on our clients' life, the employees pride and sense of belonging grows and we retain and attract talent.

We believe that the universal access to a quality education, with gender equity is of the upmost importance, so we support educational project based on three institutional principles: inclusion, altruism and transcendence.

The action lines in which we focus our activities are:

  1. Formal education: we grant scholarships for teachers and drive education in children, young adults and adults.

  2. Entrepreneurs:we promote adult development through abilities' improvement in trades and productive projects and we favor a healthy productive inclusion by means of positive models for young adults.

  3. Financial education: we encourage the development of competencies and knowledge in savings, budget, loans and insurance topics.

  4. Volunteering: we drive a service culture that impact communities.

  5. Solidary assistance: we support communities in case of emergencies, like natural disasters.

2014 benefited: 2,478, health 760,000 education

During 2014, 20,016 volunteers