What does it Consist?

How do we do it?

At Gentera we are committed to the generation of social value aligned with our strategy, strengthening our entrepreneur culture and financial education, basic attributes of our business model. Therefore, we assign 2% of net annual profits to create the corporate social responsibility fund.

Our strategy includes:

- Fundación Gentera
- Corporate responsibility in all Gentera’s companies

We permanently seek to contribute more to the community, so we have established goals for 2015 regarding social responsibility.

- Maintain and improve the number of beneficiaries in depth and reach with our education and corporate responsibility project in communities.
- Keep long term alliances to delve the impact on education in its three aspects: financial, formal and for entrepreneurs, promoting an entrepreneur culture.
- Motivate a donation culture, with 30% employee participation rate.
- Drive our volunteering program, which is aligned to strengthen the entrepreneur culture in all communities where we have presence.
- Continue aligning our corporate social responsibility actions to the Group’s strategic actions.
- Generate and promote financial education programs for the communities where we operate.
- Launch the hydro-meteorological and geological risks prevention campaign in all regions where we have presence, action plan and alliances development.br> - Undertake the community intervention program to reinforce the social organization of some communities.

With the participation of clients and employees we carry our corporate social responsibility strategies aimed to support the most needed communities through:

- Corporate responsibility programs such as Compartamos with the Community Day.
- Financial education training for employees, clients and the community.
- Donations and strategic alliances with non-profit organization which spread education in the communities where we have presence.
- Fundación Gentera’s volunteering program, through which we promote employees’ participation in their communities and with non-profit organizations.
- Sustainable development and actions to protect the environment through the environmental plan.

273,750 beneficiaries in 2015

In 2015, Fundación Gentera and the Social Responsibility Fund invested $77.5 million pesos for social responsibility actions