Summer Internship

Each year in Gentera, we welcome selected students to participate in the Summer Internship Program, whose purpose is to offer undergraduate and graduate students a competitive professional environment.

Each year at Gentera, we have the Summer Internship Program, for under and graduate students, for them to develop their skills and collaborate in a competitive professional environment.

The Summer Internship Program is a full-time job, lasting 08 weeks, from June to August. During this time participants engage in business areas and develop a specific project under the support, guidance and feedback of a tutor.

The Summer Internship Program offers different types of projects to which students can apply to, such as:

• Investigation
• Analysis and optimization of models
• Development of policies and processes
• Development of communication plans
• Implementation of new technologies
For more information, see our call and send us your application to:


Manú Bartlett

London School of Economics and Political Science

“During the eight weeks I spent at Gentera as part of the 2017 Summer Internship Program, I took part in the project titled “Identification of remittance corridors” al Intermex: the department of Gentera dedicated to remittance solutions.
Not only did I learn an immense amount about the remittance industry, I also enhanced my data mining skills, my ability to produce and present information clearly and my communication skills in both Spanish and English.
During the period, I made close friends whit many of the other interns as well as with colleagues in the team. I really felt taken care of by Gentera in this big, and at times scary, but fascinating city. I would recommended the internship program to anyone wanting to better understand the complexity of financial inclusion in Latin America, to get to know the most cosmopolitan Spanish speaking city in the world and to get experience in a prestigious yet welcoming work environment."

Xiaoyu (Steven) Zhang

Columbia University

“The summer internship in Gentera is a very valuable and special experience for me and I did have a fantastic time with my friends and colleagues there. During the 8-week internship, I have learnt a lot of practical and useful skills in the real industry, I have gained a deep insight of the credit rist management in the micro finance area and I have explored the amazing Latin America culture in Mexico, which extremely broaden my horizon, amplify my knowledge and give me the motivation to explore more of the world”