We embrace solidarity!

We promote a culture of volunteering by inviting all employees of the organization to offer their time and talent at the service of others, encouraging above all the value of service, the development of new skills, teamwork, integration and a sense of belonging. We encourage Gentera employees to carry out at least one volunteer activity a year.


The person at the center of our actions is part of our institutional philosophy, being faithful to it and guaranteeing the safety of the volunteers and beneficiaries we impact, we evolve the way of doing remote volunteering during 2020, following protocols in the current health contingency, implementing:


  • Digital volunteering: an employee-to-employee approach that, through virtual classes, shared their talents to professionalize, accompany and learn from each other in contingency


  • Good actions: an offer of 10 activities that encourage a social vocation and service to others for the benefit of people in vulnerable situations, which allow us to take care of ourselves and keep our value of service alive in the communities where we are present


In 2020 we obtained the Excellence Plus Corporate Volunteering Certification granted by Voluntare and places Gentera as a committed entity that inspires and encourages the volunteering experience.