Fundacion Compartamos

It is a non-profit organization that seeks to generate shared value, that is, social and human value, through development and well-being actions in the communities where Gentera is present.


Fundación Compartamos is the orchestrating arm of Gentera's social responsibility actions, which inspires and encourages companies and their employees to live the Social Vocation.




Our foundation's causes are Education and Early Childhood.


  • Education: we promote the development of capacities in the population, contributing to the generation of knowledge to detonate social change in children, youth and adults.


  • Early Chilhood: we support the well-being of children from 0 to 6 years old, at this stage the physical, intellectual and emotional capacities that help determine success in later stages of life are developed.


Lines of action


We promote the participation of Gentera employees around three lines of action:


  • Volunteering culture: we encourage our employees to give time and talent to contribute to the development and well-being of people and their communities


  • Donation culture: we encourage the generosity of Gentera´s employees, in order to support early childhood and educational projects implemented by civil society organizations


  • Contingencies: we support the communities where we work every day in times of emergency. we support the communities where we work every day in times of emergency


Visit our website: Fundación Compartamos



In 2019, 85% of employees participated in at least one volunteering activity