Fundación Compartamos has as causes Education and Early Childhood.


For us, Education is one of the factors that drives and promotes social and economic development. To carry out educational projects in the communities where we are present, we make alliances with companies and civil society organizations. We focus on three thematic axes that organize the educational projects we support:

- Formal education: contributes to the development of people through school education of children, youth and adults; We seek to reduce the educational gap in adults and we provide continuous training for teachers


- Financial health: we promote the development of skills in financial education and personal finance for personal, family and business management well-being


- Entrepreneurship culture: we develop skills and trades in young people as a complement to their formal education; in adults, through training for work, trades and productive projects


Early Childhood is another of our causes, we are convinced that supporting loving and sensitive care is the pillar to promote the development of children from 0 to 6 years old and will result in healthy, happy adults with better opportunities. At this stage, the protection, care, health and education that parents and caregivers provide to the children will contribute to a better future.


That is why at Fundación Compartamos we focus on positive parenting and make alliances with experts to share relevant content for parents and caregivers of children.


As part of our commitment to Early Childhood, we are part of the Pact for Early Childhood and the Collective for Early Childhood, which allows us to participate in initiatives in favor of children from 0 to 6 years old in Mexico.