Fundacion Gentera

From our origin as a civil society organization, we have a social vocation and are committed to the generation of social, economic and human value. Fundación Gentera was created in 2011 with the aim of working for social inclusion, with education as a factor in the welfare and development of communities.



Fundación Gentera coordinates all the social actions of Gentera and its companies. Our foundational principles are inclusion, altruism and transcendence.








The action lines from Fundación Gentera are:


1. Education: development of capacities in the population, contributing to the generation of knowledge to detonate a social change in children, youth and adults


2. Volunteering:contribution to the development and well-being of families in communities, through “Día Compartamos con la Comunidad” and the promotion of an active culture of volunteering where the collaborators become agents of change

3. Donation culture: Employees donate to Fundación Gentera in order to support initiatives from civil society organizations

4. Solidary assistance in natural disasters: aid to communities after a natural disaster situation


In 2017, 14,368 volunteers participated