Client protection

At Gentera our clients are very important and since our origin we have an authentic vocation for contributing to improve people's lives. This is what makes us different, and also implies the obligation to serve and protect them at all times.

We want to reduce the vulnerability of our clients and ensure the sustainability of the relationship with them, as well as demonstrate the social commitment to people and we do it through the 7 principles of client protection.


Our efforts directly involve our employees, because we firmly believe that they are the main protectors of the client and it is important to train them and sensitize them about this work, for which we are implementing various strategies to achieve it:


• A certification for all Gentera's employees called "Our commitment to financial inclusion and client protection".
• Inclusion of client protection on digital media and courses, such as: induction to the companny and Pyxis.


Likewise, protecting our clients implies exercising the best practices in the market to take care the relationship with our client and a constant review of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the services we offer as a financial institution.


In 2017 Fundación Gentera and the Social Responsibility Fund invested over $68 million pesos for social responsibility actions