Financial Education

At Gentera we work for financial inclusion. In order to achieve our purpose, financial education is an essential attribute.

Through our financial education program “Ideas Efectivas”, we offer training to our clients, employees and community about personal finances and use of financial services.

Our objective is to contribute to the generation of financial capacities with strategies that provide useful and timely information for financial decision making, better resource management and responsible use of financial services.


Since 2014 we have incorporated financial education as an attribute of our financial products, based on the generation of social, economic and human value.

We deliver financial education sessions as part of the group and individual loan methodology to our first and second cycle clients, to promote a prevention and savings culture.

We offer content through our digital media and social networks, such as "Historias de Bolsillo"; an animated series that tells situations that an entrepreneur and his family are going through.


We offer training and information to all employees of our companies to manage their family economy and the generation of a financial culture.

This training combines face-to-face and online courses, along different stages of the trajectory of each employee.

In addition, we conduct contests, trivia and alliances with institutions to disseminate information, in order to promote the financial health of our employees.