Leaders in Development

Leaders in Development (LED) is a program for students who are in the last stage of their academic formation.
It has a maximum duration of 2 years, in which a career map is designed to involve the LEDs in the different areas of Gentera.

About the Group

Gentera is the entrepreneur group leader of financial inclusion in the underserved segment that offers financial solutions such as loans, savings, payment channels and remittances, accompanied with financial education and client protection. Our headquarters is located in Mexico City and we serve over 3.1 million clients through seven companies and one Foundation. Three of them are focused in financial services under the brand Compartamos: in Mexico (Compartamos Banco), Peru (Compartamos Financiera) and Guatemala (Compartamos S.A.). The other four companies are dedicated to provide insurance (Aterna), payment of remittances (Intermex), to administrate a banking correspondent network (Yastás), an innovation lab focused to create solutions to financial inclusion (Fiinlab) and our foundation dedicated to educational projects (Fundación Gentera).


About the LED program

The program has a maximum duration of 2 years, during which the LEDs will work with four different areas, approximately 6 months, covering 20 hours a week, thus forming a career path.


Career paths

• Operating to innovate
• Developing to grow
• Financing to invest
• Communicating to transcend
• Analyzing to transform
• Exploring new frontiers
At the end of the program, LEDs with outstanding results and contributions will have the option of a career plan in Gentera.


During the career route the LED's will receive

• Mentoring
• Coaching
• Constant challenges
• Possibility to innovate
• Professional development
• Monthly grant
• Option of permanent recruitment



• Student of bachelor's degree with two years to finish the studies
• Have a minimum of 8.0
• Have a high level of spoken and written English
• Availability of 20 hours per week
• Have optional insurance
• To apply to the LED program, go to the next LED Callout and leave your information.


To apply for the LED program, wait for the next call.



If you have doubts, please contact us at leds@gentera.com.mx