Tips for applicants

Discover the tips that will help you be the best candidate from the start!

Succeed in your interview

1. Be punctual

Make sure you are ready for your interview 10 minutes early

1.1 If your appointment is virtual

Check that everything works well: internet, headphones, camera

1.2 If your appointment is in person

  • Be forewarned and calculate the time to register in the reception
  • Don't forget your oficial ID
  • Have on hand the name of who you are visiting

2. Avoid using the smartphone

Put it on silence mode and avoid interruptions

3. Set the stage

Face-to-face: Make a research about the position you are interested in
Virtual: Choose a suitable, clean and tidy space for your video call

4. Take care of your image

A casual-formal dress code is suggested

5. Watch your posture and focus your attention

Take care of your posture, it can help you transmit confidence and enthusiasm

6. Lean on gestures

Use non-verbal communication (gestures) to emphasize, accompany or complement your speech

7. Express yourself sincerely

Be honest, companies highly value this quality

8. Respect interpersonal space

Face-to-face: Avoid being invasive. Respect your interviewer's personal space

9. Choose a suitable tone and volume

Try not to speak too softly or too loudly

10. Take advantage of the silences

Distinguish the types of silence and identify the most appropriate to carry out your interventions

Build the best CV

Personal information

  • Be brief; procure a maximum of 2 pages
  • Be very careful with spelling
  • Highlight your name
  • Remember to include a phone number where the talent attraction team can reach you and your email


  • Mention the most relevant latest courses you have taken
  • Indicate your competences or skills


  • Order your professional experience from newest to oldest